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Baby Games For Toddlers

baby games for toddlers

baby games for toddlers - Brain Games

Brain Games for Babies, Toddlers & Twos: 140 Fun Ways to Boost Development

Brain Games for Babies, Toddlers & Twos: 140 Fun Ways to Boost Development

A toddler's brain is twice as active as that of a college student, presenting an opportunity for learning which occurs only once in a lifetime. This guide aims to show you how to harness this potential, with 150 fun-filled games devised to stimulate brain-development during the critical period from nought to three years. Each game is accompanied by information on related brain research and description of how the activity promotes brain power in your child. The games for babies include exercises designed to promote hand-eye co-ordination, movement and expression, and encourage strength and mobility, grasping and reaching for objects, and listening skills. From six months onwards activities encourage crawling, awareness of object permanance, language learning, listening skills and awareness of cause and effect, then promote independent walking, help with understanding basic instructions and aiding concentration. As your child becomes a toddler the games aim to increase vocabulary, encourage musical ability, improve balance and co-ordination and develop thought processes, encouraging imagination, social interaction, self awareness and sentence structure. From two years onwards, you can help build language, music and rhythm skills, develop the ability to sort and match, encourage balance and complex movement and improve the memory, moving on to encourage role play, understanding rules and the consequences of actions, and making comparisons between objects.

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12 pairs

12 pairs

Memory's cards will challenge the young player. Featuring amazingly cute and cuddly animals, the child will find that some animals pictured might be similar, but with slight differences in color (a red parrot and a yellow parrot, for example). These differences will be fun to point out to the child and help them understand attention to detail and to learn colors better. Each card, each animal, is named in one of 5 user-chosen languages, and is also pronounced in that language, be it English, French, Spanish, Russian or Ukrainian.



It can be played by several people at once, and has the following features:
? A "simple mode" for smaller children, featuring bigger pins and a smaller board (5x5 grid) and easier games, and
? A "regular mode" for older players featuring smaller pins and more complex patterns (or games) on a 9x9 grid

baby games for toddlers

baby games for toddlers

Child's Play: Montessori Games and Activities for Your Baby and Toddler

For children, playing is learning, and this appealing book is filled with more than 60 Montessori-inspired play-and-learn ideas that parents and kids can enjoy together. The games are arranged progressively, starting with simple games for infants and advancing to games and activities suitable for active toddlers. Each game description includes instructions for play, items and materials needed, and suggested related play activities for parents and their toddlers. The games and activities described include--

Variations on hide and seek
Mirror fun
Guessing various sounds
Touch and texture games
Aiming a ball at a target
Dancing to music
Role-playing games
Developing language skill through stories
The alphabet game
Outdoor activities, including nature walks. . . and more. Parents are also encouraged to make up new games on their own with their children, always being clear in their own minds about the aim of each activity. The Montessori approach to learning emphasizes the idea that game-playing details need not always go according to original plan, but might lead children along new, unexpected paths of discovery. Features include color illustrations on most pages, and timelines to guide parents through typical children's learning stages.

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